Review: Cleito120 Maxi-Watt Tank


The Cleito120 Maxi-Watt tank is Aspire’s latest and greatest (with emphasis on greatest). They have made arguably the best performing tank I’ve ever tested.

Physically it looks very similar to the original Cleito with a slightly larger top cap, drip tip, and overall diameter yet it’s so much more. The new top-fill system allows you to fill the Cleito through a small opening on the lid or fully remove the lid to fill. This makes it much easier to top up the Cleito while eliminating the risk of the glass becoming unseated and leaking all your juice out (current Cleito owners know this problem all too well). The larger airflow slots (11mm x 2mm) allow you to effortlessly produce massive clouds with little to no ramp up time.

The Cleito’s coil has also been redesigned with guards over the 0.16-ohm coil to heavily reduce spit-back while still giving you an intense and unmatched flavour.

I tested the Cleito120 on a fairly small 200w box (Kbox 200) and noticed due to the large diameter of this tank it hung over the edges slightly. I hardly consider this as a con as it is no bigger than the TFV8 by Smok and most boxes powerful enough to run it will accommodate its size with no issues.


  • Huge Clouds with virtually no ramp up time.
  • Flavour is unmatched
  • 4.0ml capacity
  • New two-stage Top-Fill System
  • Coils will easily handle up to 160w
  • Improved heat sink Drip Tip stays much cooler than the original Cleito


  • Slightly larger diameter than average


Rating: 5/5

Click HERE to view the Cleito120

Josh Y.

Smokanagan Vape Technician