Review: Wismec Reuleaux RX75 Armor Kit

Introducing the newest starter kit from Wismec, the RX75 Armor Kit.

The Rx75 is an absolute monster and instantly became a staff favorite after simply unboxing the unit thanks to Wismec’s attention to detail and build quality.

The RX75 box utilizes an aesthetically pleasing steel body that fits perfectly in the palm of your hands. Designed by JayBo they opted out of using any plastic components in the construction of the mod. The design is nothing short of a work of art, it looks sleek and futuristic yet has the weight and strength to resist rough usage, this thing was built to last.

Upon initial inspection it features no firing button or display, they cleverly have hidden both on the mod. The firing button is built into the magnetic 18650 cover, simply squeeze the device to produce massive clouds. The gorgeous OLED screen is hidden below a magnetic metal cover that protects the screen from scratches and debris(no need for stealth mode anymore!). This metal cover is replaceable and comes with a spare clear lens for those that would prefer to view the display.



  • Armor tank offers continuous smooth hits, even with chain vaping no dry hits.
  • Wide selection of airflow choices to suit any vapor.
  • Sleek & Low profile design
  • Trigger lock to prevent accidental firing.
  • Gorgeous OLED screen easily one of the sharpest displays we’ve used.
  • Easy to use topfill


  • Battery life could be better. We tested it with an LG HG2 (3000mah) and it seemed to chew through the battery fairly quickly. Under heavy usage conditions, it lasted roughly 8-9 hours.